Topical Aneasthetic with 4 key benefits


LMX4 Fast LMX4 Fast & Effective
Effective pain control with LMX4®1

• Pain reduced by 43% with LMX4® after 30 minutes

• Pain control with LMX4 after 30 minutes is equivalent
to Emla after 60 minutes
Graph adapted from Koh et al, 2004. Randomised double – blind comparison study of LMX4 and Emla for topical anaesthsia in children undergoing IV insertion

LMX4 Well Tolerated LMX4 Well Tolerated
Low levels of erythema with LMX4®1
• Erythema seen in only 2.9% of LMX4® patients

• Approved from full term infants
Graph adapted from Taddio et al, 2005. Liposomal lidocaine to improve procedural success rates

andprocedural pain, double blinded randomised placebo controlled 142 patient study.

LMX4 Flexible

LMX4 lasts for up to 5 hours

Effective from 30 minutes1
LMX4® is suitable for:
• Skin needling and dermal rolling
• Laser and IPL treatments
• Tattoo art
• Immunisations
• Simple excisions
• IV canulation, blood sampling

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