What is LMX4

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What is LMX4®?

LMX4® is a brand name for a topical cream that contains an anaesthetic called lignocaine in a strength available over the counter at your pharmacy.

What’s in LMX4®?

The active ingredient in LMX4® is 4% lignocaine. It also contains benzyl alcohol 1.5% as a preservative.

What is lignocaine used for?

Lignocaine preparations are commonly used by physicians and other health care professionals to numb the skin prior to performing cosmetic procedures, obtaining blood specimens, and other such procedures. LMX4® is indicated for skin procedures, including insertion of IV catheters and blood sampling for adults and children 2 years of age and over.

LMX4 Available at your local pharmacy

LMX4LMX4 30g tubeLMX4® has effectively and safely numbed the skin of millions of patients in the USA and is now available in Australia. LMX4®
is available from pharmacies without a prescription and is used by healthcare professionals prior to medical procedures.
Always read the label.

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