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LMX4 - It's as easy as ...

Apply LMX4


If needed, use only mild soap and water to clean the area. DO NOT USE ALCOHOL OR ACETONE.
At the site of the intended procedure, apply 1g to 2.5g of LMX4® Cream;
the area should be approx. 2.5cm x 2.5cm. Placing the cream directly onto the dressing, and then placing the dressing with the cream onto the procedure site ensures a no touch technique. You should not exceed more than 10g in total or (1-2g per 10cm²).
As a guide 1g of LMX4® Cream is approximately equal to a 5cm length of cream squeezed from the tube.

Cover LMX4


Cover the LMX4® Cream with an occlusive dressing or plastic wrap to prevent the cream being accidently rubbed off the skin. Apply the dressing carefully sealing it around the cream without directly pressing or spreading it. Once the LMX4® Cream has been applied do not spread the cream by pressing on it as this can reduce the dose applied and the eectiveness. After 30 minutes of the LMX4® Cream and dressing being in place, sucient Lignocaine (local anaesthetic) will have penetrated into the skin, making it feel numb.1,2,3 If no occlusive dressing is required, depending on the procedure, you may need to increase the length of time the cream is on your skin. See the alternative instructions in the package insert. Consult your health care professional for guidelines.

Cover LMX4


After 30 minutes the dressing can be taken o and the LMX4® Cream removed with a clean tissue or gauze and the procedure area prepared as normal. Clinical studies have shown that LMX4® Cream will cause less skin reddening or blanching than other commonly used topical anaesthetics.1,2 Please read the package insert inside the box before using LMX4®.
If the cream has dried out or there is residue remaining on the skin, clean the area using a small amount of soap and water prior to preparing the area for the procedure.


Download Patiet Leaflet

Download LMX4 Pack Insert

What’s in L.M.X.4®?

The active ingredient in LMX4® is 4% lignocaine. I t also contains benzyl alcohol 1.5% as a preservative.

Always read pack insert for detailed instructions before use.

For topical anaesthesia of intact skin prior to supercial skin procedures, including insertion of IV catheters and blood sampling.

For adults and children 2 years of age and over. Not recommended for use on children under 2 years of age

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: See pack insert for detailed instructions.

Apply a small amount and massage in. Cover the area to be anaesthetised with a thick layer of cream and cover if required with an occlusive dressing.

Wait for at least 30 minutes for local anaesthetic to take effect. If skin irritation occurs, stop immediately and seek medical attention

For external use only. Also contains benzyl alcohol as a preservative. DO NOT APPLY NEAR EYES. NOT TO BE USED ON BROKEN SKIN.
Store below 25°C. Made in the U.S.A. LMX4® is a registered trade mark of Ferndale IP, Inc. Rev.: 04/10.



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